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Grumpy grumpy

Who would have thought that such a nice, relaxing hobby would make me so bitter. Especially when I got my Crochet Today! magazine in the mail today, which I’ve been waiting for since I got a subscription for my birthday. Because the subscription was purchased in late August, when the September/October issue was currently in print, I didn’t buy said issue at the bookstore because I anticipated its arrival in the mail. And anticipate I did. For over three weeks. And after two weeks of anticipating, the new November/December issue came out. So I became overloaded with anticipation. Also worry, because I was beginning to fret that they wouldn’t send me the September/October issue at all, and I’d have to back order it.

So guess what happened. You betcha. They sent me the November/December issue, which I have already grumpily put in a drawer to not be looked at until I complete the patterns I’ve been waiting and waiting to make from the September/October issue. I’ve already went onto their website and grumpily ordered the back issue and now I must wait again.

And the part that makes me the most grumpy is that this all could have been avoided. On their website, they could have easily put some sort of disclaimer saying “Oh, by the way, the issue that is currently in print is NOT what you’ll be getting. We’re sort of going to wait a while before we actually kick in your subscription (not that we’ll tell you) so you can go ahead and expect the NEXT issue. Not that one we’re selling now, which is literally titled with the current month.”

I suppose I also could have just spent an extra $7 and bought the current issue, in the store. I wouldn’t have been so grumpy if I wound up with two issues and wasted seven bucks as I am now. I just hope the back issue comes much quicker than this one did and I can put this behind me.

I’ll probably knit to relieve my stress. 🙂


WIP Wednesday: Dr. Who Scarf and Spider Web Scarf

Doesn’t it seem nearly impossible to have only one knit/crochet project in progress? I always seem to have two or three things going at once. At least I don’t get bored!

I haven’t been working very much on my Spider Web Scarf. I don’t feel very festive for Halloween yet (it’s just too soon) so I can’t really get into the project. I’m definitely excited for its completion, but putting it off for now is just too tempting.

Just to fill you in, my spider web scarf is going to be my “costume” for Halloween. It’s a simple scarf made from repeats of a spider web motif (based on this video) strung together and hopefully a cute little spider on one of the webs. It’s very easy and simple and a good way to dress up without making a fool of myself.

Recently, I started on my Doctor Who Scarf. It’s a scarf seen worn by the doctor (I know there are more than one doctor, but I dont actually watch the show, so don’t ask which!) on the British TV show Dr. Who. I’m making it for Sarah, who was my roommate when I attended the University of Pittsburgh, and whose birthday is at the end of November. I’m not sure how closely she follows the show, but I know she has watched it. She’s also very hipstery and likes Britain and all that stuff, so she can mostly certainly appreciate fangirling the alternative stuff. She has always been hugely impressed by my ability to knit (I went to knitting club at Pitt, dragging her along a few times) and even tried to learn once. She’s never been one of exceptional commitment, so all she ever made was a fraction of a scarf we referred to as “the dog scarf.” But she was always egging me on, teasing me with “how come you are not done with your scarf?” and “knit all night! You will finish!” She’s one of those people who always links me animals dressed in knit or crocheted outfits and tells me I must make them (is it just me, or do we all have at least one friend like that?) So even if she is unimpressed by the scarf the doctor wears, I know she will be very pleased with receiving a knit garment from me. I anticipate that she will hang it from something in her dorm before she will wear it. But thats just perfect for me!

I’m already pretty well into the scarf. It’s coming along well because it’s so easy (only knitting each row for garter stitch). It involves a lot of random stripes (seven colors, and 44 irregularly sized stripes) and looks very rustic. It’s going to be very very long (about nine feet) and probably super warm!
I found the pattern on the website and it’s super nice. My favorite part about the site is how it has the various scarves (yes, the scarf is slightly different over the seasons of the show) in multiple yarn options. I chose the shortest scarf (nine feet! The shortest!) and in Vanna’s Choice. The color scheme is just perfect. I’m very pleased with the yarn, the pattern, and how the scarf is coming along so far.

I am still waiting for my Crochet Today! magazine. I received a subscription for my birthday and now that the November/December issue is out, I am so anxious to receive the September/October issue in the mail so that I can get started on the massive list of projects I have.
I have to make… The Spider Web Scarf, the Doctor Who Scarf, the Homecoming Shrug, the Coco the Cat series outfits from both issues (London and Russia), and I’m considering making a winter blanket from the holiday issue. Probably this snowflake blanket so that I can enjoy it all winter long.

Amigurumi Book: Zoomigurumi

Thanks to AmigurumiWizard, I found this adorable amigurumi book full of adorable animals. It’s absolutely the cutest!! The creators of the book are preselling it in order to raise the necessary funds to have it published. I hope they raise enough by their deadline so I can makes this super cute monkey! And the pig! And the lemur! And maybe just everything!!

If you’re not interested in helping out by ordering a presale copy, at least go to their website, to check out their collection of amazing patterns.


Although I love to design Amigurumi and write patterns myself, I fully support other designers! I still buy Amigurumi books and buy patterns on Etsy now and then.

My “colleague” Joke from collects Amigurumi patterns from designers all over the world. You can buy the patterns on her website and the full amount that you pay will go to the designer from the pattern.

She got this amazing plan to make a book called “Zoomigurumi” out of some of the best patterns she could gather. But for the book to be printed, she needs to raise $7500 USD with a fixed funding campaign. That means you can order the book and you will receive it somewhere around October for just $22 USD! That includes shipping, where ever you may live. 🙂


More info can be found here. That includes which cute patterns are in the book, so you…

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Fall Cowl

Yesterday, I started AND finished a Fall Cowl! Because my sister and I didn’t have classes today, we decided to have a knitting and crocheting movie day. (I taught her to knit over the summer, one day I’ll snap a photo of the first scarf she made and post the pattern I made for it). I decided to make a cowl in spirit of the cooling weather (which is definitely not yet cool enough for me) in the colors of leaves.

I used Red Heart Soft in tangerine, a dark red shade of Caron Simply Soft, and Red Heart Super Saver in cafe latte all at once with an N hook. I’ve never used three yarns at once, so it worked up so so quickly. I worked it in short rows of 15 half double crochet (back loop only) until it was the length I wanted. Then, I sewed it into a circle and voila! Speedy fall accessory!

It’s warm, easy, cute, and festive. Maybe my wardrobe could use a new collection of cowls…

Next, I’m working on a scarf made of of spider webs for Halloween! It’s a super quick project so I’ll have it finished way in advance. I still haven’t gotten the September/October issue of Crochet Today! (the new one is probably coming out soon!!!) but as soon as I do, I’ll have a lot more stuff lined up.

My Back to School Top

Only a week late for a the first day of school, I’ve finished my Back to School Top! It only took me two weeks, which is great! It looks quite nice and I’m pretty pleased with it

I found the pattern, Sophia, on Ravelry when searching for a top to make. I really liked the lacy open work top, the wide neckline, and the nice fitting waistband. Over all, the pattern was super easy to understand. According to the pattern, the lacy part is called weave stitch. It’s very simple, involving k2tog and yarn overs, and is worked in a larger hook than the regular stockinette or rib (I used size 10 for the weave stitch and size 8 for the rest).
I worked the pattern exactly as written, except when I was done, it was too short for me (a simple lift of my arm raised it too high) so I added like 15 more rows of 1×1 ribbing. It made it the perfect length and added a nice stretch to my curvier parts.
If I were to rework the pattern, I’d definitely raise the arm holes. They end only a few rows before the stockinette stitch begins and I’d really prefer them to be closer to my actual arms.
The yarn I used is a yarn called Sheepish and is made with 30% wool. I picked it because it’s rather soft and the dark teal is very pretty. It didn’t occur to me when I picked it out that wool equates to warmth. It’s definitely warm!! That might not be the best thing for an open work, over the shoulder top, but at least I won’t need to worry about a jacket! I wouldn’t want to cover it up!

I’m wearing it to school tomorrow. Hooray! I hope my classmates like it!!