Amigurumi Book: Zoomigurumi

Thanks to AmigurumiWizard, I found this adorable amigurumi book full of adorable animals. It’s absolutely the cutest!! The creators of the book are preselling it in order to raise the necessary funds to have it published. I hope they raise enough by their deadline so I can makes this super cute monkey! And the pig! And the lemur! And maybe just everything!!

If you’re not interested in helping out by ordering a presale copy, at least go to their website, to check out their collection of amazing patterns.


Although I love to design Amigurumi and write patterns myself, I fully support other designers! I still buy Amigurumi books and buy patterns on Etsy now and then.

My “colleague” Joke from collects Amigurumi patterns from designers all over the world. You can buy the patterns on her website and the full amount that you pay will go to the designer from the pattern.

She got this amazing plan to make a book called “Zoomigurumi” out of some of the best patterns she could gather. But for the book to be printed, she needs to raise $7500 USD with a fixed funding campaign. That means you can order the book and you will receive it somewhere around October for just $22 USD! That includes shipping, where ever you may live. 🙂


More info can be found here. That includes which cute patterns are in the book, so you…

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2 responses to “Amigurumi Book: Zoomigurumi”

  1. pezcita says :

    So cute! I join you in wishing for a speedy publication (even though I can’t crochet). Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. Come back again soon. Next week, I’ll be featuring a Pound Puppies sweater.

  2. Hook, Line, & Sinker says :

    Ok this.little guy is adorable!

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