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Lulu in Venice

Oh my gosh, I’m on a roll! I’ve completed three projects within a few days of each other! Most recently, I completed Lulu‘s Venice Outfit.

lulu venice lulu venice hat

The Pattern: This is the outfit for Coco from the January/February 2013 issue of Crochet Today!.  The pattern is much like the others for her various outfits. The shorts are the same, the top is the same (though shorter this time) and I made some of my typical modifications to them. I added another row of single crochet around each leg hole after I sewed them and only added two buttons (the pattern suggests four, but the shorts aren’t that long really). After making the armholes in the sweater, I joined my rows so I wouldn’t need additional fasteners. The pieces that make this outfit unique are the bandana and the hat. I followed the bandana pattern to the tee, but I think I’d have made it in fewer rows (increase faster) because it’s a little bulky around her neck. The hat is my absolute favorite piece to this outfit, and I made it exactly as specified minus the last row of the brim (I think it’s the perfect size!). Overall, I think this outfit is cute but maybe a little too subtle. I think it might need something more to make it complete. Though, when I showed it to my sister, she said, “Are you going to crochet a boat?” so I knew she got the idea (my response was to laugh at her).

The Yarn: As the pattern suggested, I used Red Heart Super Saver. I didn’t use the exact colors (I think I used Royal Navy instead of Soft Navy, whatever) but I certainly didn’t stray from what was suggested. I like having yarns that I use specifically for Lulu’s outfits, but sometimes RHSS can get a little bulky. For example, the bandana is a bit stiff, and I think a lighter yarn would have made it drape better. I am certainly not complaining though. I love this yarn to death.

What’s Next for Me: I have  hanging shoe storage full of yarn and an entire dresser drawer STUFFED with yarn (I can bearly yank it open). I have got to get rid of some of it! I’m on a stash busting mission! I want to use as much of it as I can before buying any more. I’d have no where to put it all! Before starting the next issue of Crochet Today!, I’m going to make some things from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders and my 2013 Knitting Calendar.


Berry Stole

In addition to Jenny’s Earwarmer, I finished another project this week! After a month of hard work, I have finished my Berry Stole!

berry stole cowl berry stole poncho

berry stole stitch pattern

The Pattern: The pattern comes from the January/February 2013 issue of Crochet Today! It was my first attempt at tunisian crochet and it was a ton of fun! It was sort of a more advanced tunisian crochet pattern, so it took me a while to get the hang of it. The squares that are more dense are in the Knotted Twist Stitch. I didn’t understand the directions for this stitch, and when I tried to ask for help on Ravelry, I didn’t get a single attempt! I followed the stitch pattern as best as I could, but I had to tweak some things to make it work. It looks legit, so I don’t mind. The lacier squares are in Peronell Lace Stitch. This one goes super quick and really complements the denser squares. Speaking of “squares”… They aren’t. They’re definitely rectangles. This means that my stole is a little too long and a little too narrow, but I’m not sure if I’d have changed anything. Adding another square to the width would have made it too wide, but maybe I could have skipped a row for the length. It fits fine, so I am content with it the way it is. The buttons I used were made from coconuts (how cool is that!) and they’re really nice. I love the alternating shapes. The pattern says to use the preexisting holes in the lacey squares, but it’s harder than you think. Maybe I’d have added some button holes into the edging to make it easier. The pattern suggests wearing the stole in four ways: poncho, wrap, short cowl, and long cowl. I like the poncho way the best, I think. It’s so warm and displays the pattern nicely. The wrap way is similar to the poncho, but there is less overlap. This makes the neck larger, so it doesn’t stay very well on my shoulders. It’s cute, but might be a bit frustrating to adjust all the time. The short cowl is shown in the first photograph. I wore it that way the other day, with my winter jacket, and it was very nice. The long cowl is just like the short cowl, but without doubling it up. I don’t think I’ll ever wear it that way. I just love that I can get so much use out of this! I wonder if there are more ways to wear it…

The yarn: I used Red Heart Designer Sport in Berry. It’s really a nice yarn. I always love Red Heart because of the washibility and price. I don’t often times work with sport weight yarn, so I really enjoyed it. It’s like the perfect weight for this project. I also love the color of this yarn. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and definitely a color unseen in my wardrobe. Excellent choice! I only used two balls (like exactly, there are only scraps left over!) so I’ve got one full ball left. I can’t wait to use it again.

What’s next for me: Stash busting!! I’m going to make myself a Loop Through Scarf and a Berruti Hat, but I just can’t yet decide on the yarns to use.

Jenny’s Earwarmer

Just this past week, I finished TWO projects! The first one I finished was Jenny’s Earwarmer. The pattern comes from the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, which I got for Christmas. It’s so trendy.

jenny's earmwarmer complete

The Pattern: The pattern was very simple and it only took me a little over a week to make. I had never knit cables before, but it turned out to be easy and interesting! I love the way it looks. My sister Jenny has never been into hats (not stylish enough for her!) so I thought she could use a more trendy way to keep her ears warm. She says it’s a little small (she must have a bigger head than me!) so I’m going to try to block it and stretch it out just a tad, though with the yarn it might be difficult. I did 7 repeats of the cable pattern (as suggested) for about 17″ unstretched. I’d probably have done an 8th repeat if I knew her head was so big!

The Yarn: I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Beige, which I had left over from my Doctor Who Scarf. As the pattern promised, it took me less than one skein to make it! It probably took me just over half the ball, so I can still make something else out of it. I asked for this book so that I could do some stash busting, and I’m so pleased with my first project’s use of yarn. I really enjoy Vanna’s Choice because it’s acrylic and soft. My only concern is that it might not stretch very well.

What’s Next for Me: I’m in the process of making the Venice Outfit for my pig Lulu but that should be completed soon. After that, I’ll be done with the January/February 2013 issue of Crochet Today! but I won’t be ready to start the March/April issue (it’s too cold out to think of Spring!). That means I’ll be ticking off some random stash busters! Yay! I’ve decided to make myself a Loop Through Scarf and a Berruti Hat in matching turquoise so that I’ll stay warm walking around campus.

Weirdest Thing Blog Meme

I know this isn’t one of my typical journally yarn posts, but a break is always welcome. I’ve been tagged by The Meeping Koala (who left a super kind comment on my Snowflake Afghan post saying that she admired my blanket and to suggest a really nice fingerless glove pattern that I’m so totally going to make) to do the Weirdest Things Blog Meme challenge thing. I, being the selfish, uninvolved blogger that I am, had no idea what this was. But after reading her post on the challenge (read it here. Seriously, it’s great) I discovered that its much like one of those MySpace bulletin things we all used to do… Oh the memories. If you don’t remember, it’s sort of like a random survey that you answer and pass on for fun!

So here goes!


1. If you are tagged, answer the questions in the meme in a blog post on your blog.
2. Make sure at the beginning of your post you put a link to the blog of the person who tagged you.
3. Tag at least three people to do the same thing (you can tag more than three people if you would like).
4. Have fun!


Admire the weirdest color ever. What do you think the weirdest color is?
Indigo. I know that it isn’t part of the rainbow. I know that it’s just a purpley shade of blue. I know that Newton decided to count it as one of the colors of the rainbow because he thought seven colors would be better musically than the true six. I reject indigo.

What is the weirdest TV show/movie you have ever seen?
I’ve definitely seen plenty of weird movies, but I tend to not like them and forget them right away. Bad movies never stick with me at all.
Now for TV shows, I’m just so alarmed at the level of weirdness modern day cartoons have. Now I know that Spongebob was super weird, and I watched plenty of weird cartoons in my day, but were they really as weird as the ones they play now?? I once saw an episode if Flapjack, and oh how it takes the cake. Weirdest thing ever.

What is the weirdest food you have ever tried?
This is easy! I work at an ice cream parlor, and we make our own ice cream. We have some strange flavors for sure. I’ve tried green tea ice cream, which was actually super cool. But even weirder is the Guinness ice cream. Beer ice cream! It was awful.

What is the weirdest drink you have ever tried?
And this one isn’t so easy! I don’t think I drank anything weird before. I’ve tried some Hispanic drinks before, but I’d hardly call that weird.

Who is your weirdest friend?Hmm . . . My roommate from when I was attending the University of Pittsburgh. I guess after living with someone for a whole semester, how could they be anything but weird?

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen on the Internet?
This question is practically impossible. Everything on the Internet is weird! I always am a bit disturbed and entertained by those photos I see on tumblr where they’ve switched two people’s faces, though.


They’re so funny!

What is the weirdest thing your pet has ever done?
I have a super weird dog.
He once dug his way under the fence into the neighbors’ yard, but when he got to the other side he realized he was terrified and just stood by the fence barking to get back into his own backyard. He wouldn’t even go back under, like he was all panicked.

What is the weirdest book you have ever read?
I really don’t read much. I haven’t read a book by my own choice since middle school. I’ve only ever read books for school. I’d say that Lord of the Flies was the weirdest.

What is the weirdest blog you follow?
I don’t follow any weird blogs! Unless you consider a love of yarn weird, but clearly I don’t.

Weirdly Wonderful Bloggers To Tag

Craftaceous Period She makes daily granny squares and really awesome things with them. I just love reading her thoughts on the pattern.

D’NALI This is one of the few blogs I read for more than yarn. She posts all around great stuff that is just so comforting.

Amiguruthi Who doesn’t love adorable photos of the cutest amigurumi stuff in the midst of charming text?


Well wasn’t that fun! I haven’t posted in while, it feels like, so this was a nice little prompt. But, never fear! I am almost done with a few projects (I know I really should just have fewer WIP’s and complete them sooner, but its so hard not to dabble) so I’ll be posting on my work soon!

Snowflake Aghan

Today I finished my Snowflake Afghan! I just love it! I spent all of yesterday attaching my squares and doing the edging, and I spent all day today weaving in the ends. Now I’m using it to keep me cozy as I write this post! I’m so glad I finished with plenty of the chilly winter season to spare.

snowflake afghan floor snowflake afghan close up snowflake afghan couch


The Pattern:  This is my totally unmodified version of the North Pole Blanket from the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Crochet Today!. You heard me! Unmodified! I made this blanket word for word (stitch for stitch?), with no changes at all. It’s so perfect as is, how could I ever change a thing! Well, in retrospect, I’d have joined the corners more thouroughly than written in the pattern to prevent those large holes you can see where four squares meet (I’m pretty sure that in the close up of the photo of this blanket shown in the magazine has the corners attached differently… peculiar). Other than that, this pattern was perfect. It did contain a variety of errors, but, thanks to the stitch diagram, it was very easy to compare the written pattern and the chart to find them. To anyone considering making this, I’d use the stitch diagram religiously (it contains no errors until the last row of edging, use the written pattern for that last row) to ensure your blanket is flawless.

The Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver to the rescue! This was the yarn suggested by the pattern and the same colors as suggested as well: light blue, blue, and white. I’ve worked with RHSS so often, we’re practically best friends. It adds great warmth to this blanket which excellently complements the holey nature of this blanket. It’s not just for decoration! And I’m content knowing that if (when) my dog decides to make a mess on it, it can be washed without a problem. I have an entire skein of light blue leftover… I wonder what I’ll make with that!


What’s Next for Me: This concludes my work from the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Crochet Today! which means I’m on to the Jan/Feb 2013 issue! I’ve already began my Berry Stole, which I hope to complete by Valentine’s Day so that I may wear it proudly on the holiday. I’m just loving tunisian crochet! Also from that issue, I’ll be making the Coco Goes to Venice outfit for Lulu the Pig, who hasn’t worn a new outfit in far too long!

Gifting Mittens

I know it’s been so long since I’ve posted! I’m a slacker! A little over a week ago I finished making a pair of mittens for each of my two friends who are going to Europe this upcoming semester. One is going to Milan, and the other to Madrid. They are soo excited and I’m so excited for them. Handmade mittens seemed like the perfect thing! I forgot to take a photo of the one for my friend headed to Milan, but here is the pair for my friend going to Madrid. The other pair is a nice light blue (from the bloomers of Lulu’s Paris Outfit) but is the same in all other aspects.

gifting mittens 1

The Pattern: Since I loved Jenny’s Mittens so much, I used the same pattern, Sweetheart Mittens from the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Crochet Today!, but without the heart appliqué. The second (and eventually third) time around they were much easier to make. I originally had complaints with joining and turning when working in the round, but only because I wasn’t very experienced with the method. Now, it’s no problem for me. And the pattern is just so quick and simple. Loved it, again.

The Yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green and Light Blue. I had these yarns on hand, so it made this gift completely inexpensive and helped with a little stash busting. Hooray for Super Saver!

What’s Next for Me: As I’ve mentioned in the last 80 blog posts… I’m still working on my Snowflake Afghan. It’s actually coming along super well! I only have 13 squares left, and then some joining (but no sewing yayyyy). My goal is to finish by February and I think I will (school has started, but it’s so not a priority or anything). I’ve also begun my Berry Stole, which originally gave me some issues. It has a stitch that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else that I don’t totally understand and can’t seem to look up. I sort of improvised, and now I’m cruising along. Tunsian crochet is actually a lot of fun!