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Slip Stitch Mittens

Just a few days ago I finished my Slip Stitch Mittens! I wore them yesterday with pride, even though it was probably the warmest day of winter!

slip stitch mittens worn slip stitch mittens table

The Pattern: The pattern is titled Fiery Mittens and was featured in my 2013 Day to Day Knitting Calendar. I saw them, loved them, and knew they’d be a great stash busting project. These are the first mittens I ever knit (I crocheted some as gifts) and the first mittens I ever made for myself. I love them! They fit perfectly, mostly because the pattern is so customizeable. My gauge was a bit large, so I made the small size and it balanced out well. The pattern is very simple and creates a wondeful intricate look. The only thing I don’t like about my mittens is the noticeable start/end of each needle. My stitches are a bit loose at that point, but it doesn’t look terrible.  

The Yarn: I’m so happy to have used up even more of my Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice (I had some left over from my Doctor Who Scarf and I’ve made about a gazillion things with the leftovers), and I still have more! I used Burgundy, Olive, Brick, and Beige. One of the cool things about this pattern is that you could do any number of colors, really. I had orignally been planning on doing a red/pink/orange color scheme as shown in the pattern, but I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yarn. I’m sort of glad! These colors look incredible!

What’s Next for Me: I’m still tackling my Crochet Socks, and I decided that one Loop Through Scarf was enough. After the socks, I think it’ll be time to start the March/April 2013 issue of Crochet Today! I’ll have to buy more yarn, which I (surprisingly) don’t want to do. I have so much!!


Loop Through Scarf

Last night I finished another stash busting project: my Loop Through Scarf! Just in time for some seriously cold weather!

loop through scarf neck

loop through scarf me

The Pattern: I made this scarf from the book 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. The pattern was pretty straightforward without any errors or confusion. The little opening part was actually very easy (I thought it would involve some complicated sewing or just be more difficult). Definitely a simple pattern that was just meant to be done while watching TV. I did it exactly as stated, except for the last little.. petal? (what do you call that?). It decreased too slowly, making it much more pointy than the first one, so I made up my own decreases for the last couple rows to end it quicker. I think I mayyy have wanted a narrower scarf. A wide scarf has its benefits though, because it really does give some serious warmth. I didn’t make the suggested 16″ neck length (I was more around 14″) and I’m glad I did. It fits just perfect.

The Yarn: I must admit, I had some issues in this department! The pattern calls for a sport weight yarn. I began with that, but the border was SO holey. I went up to a DK weight, and it was still too holey. I finally tried this worsted weight yarn, and it looked great, just like the example picture. Maybe I could have used the thinner weight yarns if I used a smaller needle, but I thought size four was definitely small enough! I put my DK weight attempt to the side, because it looked like a nice, lightweight fashion scarf. Now that I know how much I like this one, I might just finish it up! I used the leftover Red Heart Kids I had from my Slipper Socks and I used it all up! Hooray!


What’s Next for Me: Apparently another one of these! And I’ve started crocheting a pair of socks (with sock yarn I got for Christmas) and I’m to the heel of the first sock! Look at me go!