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Daffodil Bag

On the last day of Spring Break, I finished my Daffodil Bag! I’m bringing it to classes today!


daffodil bag me daffodil bag hanging

Yup, that’s me, now with purple hair!

The Pattern: This is from the March/April 2013 issue of Crochet Today! It’s really a very easy and quick pattern. It only took me 10 days, which is all of Spring Break! What a perfect time to make such a project! The bag is made out of 16 granny squares that are then sewn together in a sort of a pinwheel. The construction is quite difficult to explain, but super easy to perform. The squares are even easier! It’s only four rounds! Two for the daffodil, which is made of popcorns. I’ve never made popcorns before, so this was pretty new for me. I think they turned out nicely, and they’re not difficult at all. And then it’s just one round of white to make it into a square and a simple border of green. Really really easy!! The handles are just as simple. They’re probably the only thing I would have changed, maybe. Because they’re made of yarn, they’re stretchy, so when I put anything of substance in the bag (it’s such a nice large bag, and I want to use it as such!), the bag sags quite a bit(it’s empty in the photos). I think I would have made shorter handles if I had anticipated that… I would definitely make this bag again. The squares are great, and the bag construction is just amazing. It could easily be used with other granny squares.

The Yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver in Bright Yellow, White, and Spring Green (how appropriate!). I had all these lying around (from various Lulu outfits, no doubt) so it worked out perfectly. I used almost an entire skein of the Bright Yellow (but not all of it!) and even less of the White and Spring Green. It worked out super perfectly! There is nothing I love more than using Red Heart Super Saver for nearly everything and then having left overs to make more! I used a K hook as it suggested, and my squares matched the gauge perfectly.


What’s Next for Me: All I have left to finish from the March/April 2013 issue of Crochet Today! is the Tokyo Outfit for Lulu, which should be a breeze. I’ve already started the Belle Sweater from the May/June issue (I’m just so eager!), and I have more lined up from that issue. At this point, I have no knitting projects (only crochet) planned, so I’m poking around for some. I don’t like to play favorites, you know!