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My Yarn Hiatus is Over!!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in nearly two months! And it’s not because I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve just been neglecting crochet and knitting!!
This semester has been exceptionally tough, and I recently got a new boyfriend (that one I’m not complaining about!), which pushes yarn and needle crafts to probably my sixth priority (I still can’t forget my family, my job, and my basic needs to stay alive!). Thankfully, today is the last day of the semester! Yay! That means one very, very time-consuming priority will be out of the way and leave more time for yarn!

I started in my Belle Sweater very early in April, but pretty much never touched it again. Recently (now that final projects are getting crossed off my list) I’ve been able to pick it up again and actually crochet again! My, have I missed it!! You can expect the finished project in a few weeks!

I still have three of the Coco outfits left to make for LuLu (Tokyo, Madrid, and Hawaii) afterwards. Then I will be done with my Crochet Today! subscription. It was a lot of fun to have, especially making these outfits throughout the year, but it’s kind of been stressful. With a periodical like that, I sometimes struggled to keep up, and I felt I was being forced. It’ll be nice to slow it down and pick my patterns as I need to, instead of having long lists of things to make looming over me. Ican always buy the issue if something catches my eye!

So that’s my update! I’ve been slacking, but I’m coming back!