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Cruise Hat

While on a cruise from Boston to Canada and back, I started and completed my Cruise Hat! It’s definitely different than any of the hats I’ve ever made, but I think it’s totally appropriate for the occasion.

cruise hat top cruise hat front


The Pattern: This is the Farm Girl Hat from the July/August 2013 issue of Crochet Today! It’s a very nice pattern. It comes in three sizes, which you don’t normally see for a hat. I made the small because my gauge was just slightly larger than suggested. This way, it’s sort of in between small and medium. It fits perfect! I made the majority of the hat exactly as written (love the stitch pattern!) but heavily modified the brim. I did about half of it in the written pattern, but my guage was definitely off. If I had had more time, I’d have reworked the brim in a larger hook to get the desired look. But of course I was in a bit of a rush to actually finish and wear my hat on vacation. I replaced the half double crochets with double crochets to speed things along and complete the brim in fewer rows and not have to worry about changing hook size. I replaced the mid bar component with a front post component to get a similar look while making it a lot easier. I also increased much faster, aiming for more of a flat brim. If I would have had more time, I’d have liked to try to stick to the orginal brim more. If I ever make this hat again, I’d take my time and try to get it just right. But I’m happy with my modified brim too! It’s just different, is all!


The Yarn: I used exactly the yarn the pattern called for: Red Heart Lustersheen in Vanilla, which I had leftover from my Surfer Girl Tank. It’s such a nice yarn! Perfect for the straw sort of look. I used an almost complete skein up for this project, and I still have one that has never been touched. I know that if I had kept to the original brim pattern, I’d have needed to crack open the fresh skein. I wonder if the remaining one would be enough to make a second hat, with the orignal brim… Because I’m not craftually diverse enough to have any ribbons, I used a strand of yarn left over from my Mom’s Vest to accent the hat. It’s a nice earthy color that goes with anything and has good texture. I didn’t sew it on, as the pattern suggests, because I want to be able to change it if I find something better or want it match something. I just weaved it in the final row of the hat and tied it in a little bow!


What’s next for me: I’m still putting my dues into my Belle Sweater. I’m pretty close to done with the body. Sleeves still to come though! Next, I’m going to be starting Lulu’s Madrid Outfit and even then I won’t be done with her! I’m definitely not going to get all my stash busting patterns done this summer, but I have no problem with them spilling out into the school year!


Lulu in Tokyo


After two months without finishing a project, I’m busting out of my rut with the completion of Lulu’s Tokyo Outfit! Man, does it feel good!

lulu tokyo without obi lulu tokyo with obi


The Pattern: This was the pattern meant for Coco the Cat from the March/April 2013 issue of Crochet Today!. I’m so behind, I know! I think I followed the pattern pretty closely. I probably added more rows to the bloomers like I usually do (I typically don’t count, but just stop when I have the length I want). I definitely added an extra two rows to the sleeves and I made the neck fewer stitches for a tighter fit. I just love reverse single crochet, which is what the edging is. I learned it when I made my Lantern Pullover and ever since I get so excited everytime I see it in a pattern! I didn’t have turquoise buttons so I went with green (goes with the flower accents, I hope…). I’m so impressed with my embroidery! Normally I’m like “Ugh, embroidery!” and I look down at it like “I crochet. I do not do needlework” with disgust and put it off for tomorrow. But this time, I wasn’t totally dreading it. I feel more comfortable with it now that I’ve embroidered a few things (my Day of the Dead Hat and other Lulu outfits) and I’m able to achieve (sort of) the look I want. Maybe one day I’ll feel as eager about sewing. Ha! I followed the flower to the tee but made my chain 3 spaces into chain 1 spaces because I didn’t want any holes in it. I made my obi only one row of turquoise and then embroidered the purple chain on (instead of making one and sewing it on), and I also just tied it in the back instead of sewing on a button. I think the obi turned out okay, but I think it takes away from the kimono. Since I’m absolutely in love with the kimono, I think I prefer the outfit without it. But it’s crucial to the color scheme, as it ties in the turqoise of the bloomers I made and the purple of the frog ties. Ah, the dilemma! Overall, I really like the outfit. It’s pretty simple, but I think that allows  the embroidery and the flower to really stand out and be admired.


The Yarn: As the pattern calls for, I used Red Heart Super Saver in turqua, bright yellow, amethyst, and spring green. The dark green I used was Red Heart Super Saver in hunter green (as opposed to paddy green. Oh boo hoo!) and the orange was Red Heart Soft in pumpkin or carrot or something. The pink is… I don’t know. My mom found that yarn when cleaning the house once and gave it to me. It’s pretty similar to Super Saver. Maybe it is, it’s just a million years old. I’m always happy to use up bits of yarn with these outfits, of course. And now I have a HUGE skein of purple, and I used hardly more than a yard of it. Haha.



What’s Next for Me: I still have the last two outfits for Lulu (Madrid and Hawaii) but first I really want to make more progress on my Belle Sweater. I haven’t done nearlyyy as much as a I wanted to, and I don’t want such a nice project to turn into a chore. I also like to let Lulu wear her current outfit a decent amount of time before I take it off of her to start the next one 🙂 After that (which will probably be quite a while!) I want to do some knitting. I hate to go so long without doing either crochet or knitting, and I’m itching to hold those needles! Hopefully that burning desire will motivate me to hurry up and finish these crochet projects so that I can get to it!