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Butterfly Stitch Scarf

Today I finished my Butterfly Stitch Scarf! I even got to wear it today (it went perfectly with the slightly chilly weather) and got complimented on it by the clerk at the movie theatre (she even recognized it was crochet!).


 butterfly stitch scarf me

butterfly stitch scarf full lengthbutterfly stitch scarf stitch pattern


The Pattern: This is from the May/June 2013 issue of Crochet Today! The magazine contains a little article about the butterfly stitch, which is what this scarf pattern utilizes, and then tells you how to make it into a very basic scarf. Let me start of by saying, this stitch pattern is FANTASTIC. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s so much fun! I could do it for hours, honestly. It just makes me happy! It also goes pretty quickly, being so lacy and light. I had a blast doing it. I can’t imagine what else the stitch would be good for, but I can definitely see myself making another one of these, probably as a gift because they work up so, so quickly. I used the suggested hook (E) and didn’t give a damn about gauge. The scarf width is suggested as 8″ and mine is more around 6″ (which I personally think is better). I don’t know how long I made it, because I always follow my own rule of thumb when it comes to scarfs, which is make it as tall as I am. I think for this scarf, I should have made it a tad bit shorter, because I don’t really plan on wrapping it as much around my neck as I usually do with scarves (this one looks super chique tossed behind the shoulder as I wore it today). I’d highly recommend this pattern. Easy, quick, and very fun!

The Yarn: I used my leftovers of Red Heart Lustersheen in Turquoise, which I had lying around from my Surfer Girl Tank. It’s a sport weight yarn, as recommended by the pattern. I’ve used this yarn a few times, and it’s such a pleasure to work with. I never have a problem with splitting, and the colors are beautiful and silky. I used up an almost-complete skein of it and then broke into an unused skein and used up a good amount of that. I used more yarn than the pattern called for it, but I’m sure that can be attributed to my extra length (if you look at the picture associated with the pattern, you can see that hers is rather short!). I’m definitely pleased with the stash-busting accomplishments made possible by this pattern.


What’s next for me: I’m continuing depleting my overflowing yarn stash by making a Knit Cabled Belt and then the final outfit for Lulu. But alas, I caved a teeny, tiny bit! I must admit that I did, in fact, buy some yarn today! I was on such a buzz from completing this project (and so quickly!) that the uncontrollable urge to gobble up more yarn overwhelmed me. Plus, my boyfriend was so thoroughly impressed by my Crochet Slipper Socks that I had to drag him into Michael’s to pick out a multicolored yarn for the ones I’ll be making for him! I do apologize for my lapse in will power, but who can say no to a devilishly handsome man begging for a little crochet in his life? Not I!


Lulu in Madrid

Yesterday I finished up Lulu‘s Madrid Outfit! That’s two projects this week! I’m on a roll!

lulu in madrid

The Pattern: This is another outfit meant for Coco the Cat from the May/June 2013 issue of Crochet Today! This outfit has  components similar to many of the previous ones. The dress starts off like many of the others, but I’ve learned by now that I want a more form fitting neckline than suggested. This time, I used a smaller hook for the first four rows to create that effect, then switching to the suggested hook, G, to achieve the desired fit of the body. The ruffles, however, are totally new. They’re really cool! But they use a lot of yarn and take a lot of time (increases, increases, increase until you die) so I omitted the last row of the ruffling to conserve yarn and sanity. You can’t even tell! I did use buttons to close the dress in the back, but did not make any button holes. I’m just inserting the buttons into spaces between the stitches since the buttons are so small. I decided not to mess with felt and sewing (two things I have little and no experience with, respectively) and made my polkadots using french knots. A lot easier for me. I did the same technique for the polkadots on the shawl. I shortened the fringe on the shawl so as to cover less of the dress, but I still think it covers more than I want. I added an afterthought edging to the top of the shawl to give it more of drape around her neckline. I think I like it! The flower was easy and fun to make (using the same technique as the dress to create ruffles), but I think too big for her head. It doesn’t look much like a flower to me, when it’s on her little head. She does have bloomers on under the dress (she is a very modest pig!) and they’re just white and basic, like the rest of the bloomers from previous patterns. I was considering not making any new ones and just using ones from another outfit, but since this is the second to last outfit for Lulu, I figured there is no need to chicken out now. I wish I could have made the earrings, but as I said previous, I have no experience with felt. Or with making earrings. And I can think of no way to make them easily using only crochet. So she will go without them. My ears aren’t pierced either, so Lulu will be okay!

The Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver on this one! I used Cherry Red, Bright Yellow, Hunter Green, and White (for those secret bloomers). The red definitely has a different feel to it than the other colors. I think it’s a bit thicker and coarser. It makes it less pleasent to work with, but by no means difficult. I used up a lot of the red for this outfit. It’s been so nice to have all these super saver colors on hand for this series of outfits. I’m so glad each outfit used the same brand and repeated many of the colors. But I shouldn’t get too excited about the conclusion of Lulu’s outfit, because she does have one more!!

What’s next for me: Lulu will spend some time in her Madrid outfit for a while before I begin on her Hawaiian outfit. Until then, I’m getting my knitting fix on and I’ve begun to make a Knit Cabled Belt. I anticipate it’ll go pretty quickly, as it’s the only project I’ve got going right now. I hope I use up a lot of stashed yarn but don’t run out!!

Belle Sweater

Just this week I finished my Belle Sweater! Yay! It took me over three months to finish the dang thing (because I got incredibly tied up with my sophomore year of college) so I’m so so happy!! Too bad I finished it just in time for the heat wave! Still, I can’t wait to wear it.


belle sweater mebelle sweater flatbelle sweater wip


Isn’t it super cute?! I think that out of all the garments I’ve made for myself, it’s my favorite (my favorite top ever is still the Latern Pullover I made for my sister).

The Pattern: This pattern comes from the May/June 2013 issue of Crochet Today! (so I’m not that far behind!). I really think it’s a great pattern. The stitch pattern is super cool. It’s harder to see from the pictures of the finished sweater (taken by my boyfriend, whose Samsung Galaxy apparantly has worse camera quality than my iPhone 4), so I included the WIP picture I normally put up on Ravelry as a teaser. It’s really repetative a therefore extremely easy. I also love the puffy sleeves. I’m not sure how comfortable they’ll be, but I think they’re super cute. I took off two stripes from them because my gauge was really off with my change in yarn (I went down two hook sizes to a C and followed instructions for a small in order to get the width of the medium!!) and I think they’re a lot better this way. Other than that, I made no changes to the pattern. I really like the neck. It’s the same for both front and back, which I think made constructing the sweater easier. It’s really wide and I think it’s very flattering. To compliment the high and wide neck, I’m looking to buy a strapless bra (or clear straps) and a long pendant necklace. Overall, I would highly recommend this pattern. It’s definitely a time consuming one, but I just love the result and I had not a single moment of confusion or doubt. Very clear, very great. Lovelovelove!!

The Yarn: I used two skeins each of the Michael’s brand (Loops & Threads) yarn called Snuggly Wuggly Baby Sport in Cobalt and White. It definitely messed with my gauge a lot, but I got that under control. The yarn feels nice and I’d use it again. The biggest difference is my choice of colors. I was so set on keeping the white shown in the magazine, but the dark blue wasn’t a necessity. I went for a more subtle blue that still has a nice contrast with the white (very important to show off the interesting stripes) but isn’t so bold. I think it really softens up the look of the sweater and I think it was an excellent choice on my part!


What’s Next for Me: All I have left for this May/June 2013 issue of Crochet Today! is the Madrid Outfit for Lulu and the Butterfly Stitch Scarf that uses a really cool stitch I want to learn and will use up a solid amount of stashed yarn. Then it’s on to the July/August one!! There I’ll be making the final outfit for Lulu (Hawaii!). I really am itching to do some knitting, so expect a tiny knit project popping up in the midst of my lengthy to-do list!