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Floaty Fall Scarf

My Floaty Fall Scarf has been completed just in time for chilly weather! Bring it on!!

floaty fall scarf me

floaty fall scarf flat


The Pattern: I just got another subscription to Crochet Today! (oh how I’ve missed getting an issue in the mail and dropping everything to read it right away). With my new subscription, I got an extra few patterns as a little download. How fun! I’ve been eyeing the Floaty Fall Scarf on Ravelry for forever, it seems. And I was right to do so! After completely this project, I can assure you, it’s a good pattern. It is surprisingly simple, but it makes it versatile. Not until I had finished the giant triangle did I realize that you can do a lot of fun stuff with a  giant triangle. I’m most apt to wear it around my neck as suggested, but it is the perfect size to drape over your shoulders and tie in the front. I will definitely wear it that way too!


The Yarn: I used Aunt Lydia’s Ice Bamboo in Red Ice. I had bought 6 balls of this crochet thread to make a top, but when I had barely started I realized that I hated the top and frogged it, never to be seen again. It’s probably the only thing I ever frogged without adjusting and remaking! But I had six perfect matching balls of crochet thread, so I just had to use them on this project. It’s a nice yarn: silky and with a bit of shine (the sparkly strand separates from the rest very easily, which can get annoying!). The only thing I felt a bit stuck with was the color. I didn’t particularly want a bright red scarf (I feel like it would actually be fall worthy in a deeper color) but it’s what I had. I was hoping the shiny red would make it perfect for Christmas, but it just makes it perfect for a cowboy costume. No biggy! It’s still super trendy.



What’s next for me: I’m in the midst of Halloween projects. As October is practically here, I’m budgeting my time excellently to complete my Candy Corn Throw before the month is through. It’s coming along great and I’m making lots of candy corn motifs everyday. I’m also working on a Pumpkin Hat to be completed for Halloween as well. I was almost done with it, but when I tested it out, I found that it was way too small (really wishing the pattern had  a gauge right about now!!). I’m thinking I will frog a bit and add more rows to make it bigger, but don’t be surprised if I frog it all and go with a bigger hook!


Tuesday Night Cowl

On Tuesday (of course!) I finished working on my Tuesday Night Cowl. I only worked on this project on Tuesdays, and it took me six weeks to finish it. Not bad!

tuesday night cowl me tuesday night cowl unseamed

The Pattern: I found this pattern on Ravelry and thought that it was incredibly cute. I knew it would be perfect for stashbusting so I got to work right away. The pattern is so genius! It uses sparse, wide cables to create the look of natural folds. It gives it that perfect, bunched-up look. It has excellent dimensions as well. It’s nice and tight to the neck and the folds make it thick. It’ll be excellent for chilly walks! Another wonderful thing about the pattern itself is its customizability. It has the pattern adjusted for a variety of yarn weights, which I can truly appreciate. I used the Aran pattern, but used size seven needles (it was a real treat to use needles that weren’t double pointed or circulars, because size 7 is the only pair of straight needles I own!).

The Yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver in some pink that I had left over from when I made Lulu the Pig. It was the perfect amount! I only had a tiny bit left! Stash busting at its finest! I think RHSS did a great job in this pattern. It’s not too stiff and will definitely add to the warmth. I’d highly recommend this yarn/pattern combo!  I’m very pleased with this cowl!

What’s next for me: I had barely cast on my Moon Socks when I saw this pattern for a Candy Corn Throw and went nuts. It’s so perfect!! I’m still planning on making the Pumpkin Hat I mentioned (I’ve ordered the yarn!) and I still have my Floaty Fall Scarf in progress. Yikes! I’ll definitely be putting my season-nonspecific projects to the side while I hustle to finish the fall themed ones. Oh, how I love the rush of the holiday season!

Diamond Leaf Cowl

I finished my Diamond Leaf Cowl today! I’m super happy it’s complete!

diamond leaf cowl me diamond leaf cowl flat

The Pattern: I found this pattern in my 2013 Knitting Calendar. It’s a really simple cowl. It involved a 16-stitch, 20-row diamond leaf pattern and some purl rows as edging. The diamond leaf pattern could easily be applied to other projects. It looks pretty cool (I know it’d look better if it was blocked, but I’m just too impatient!) but it requires a lot of attention! This is not a movie watching pattern!! The repeats are pretty complex and they vary from row to row. I don’t think I made any mistakes, but it took a lot of focus.

The Yarn: I used Caron Simply Soft Light in Key Lime. I had this full, unused skein from when I bought it to make the stem of a flower and then frogged it (I pin the flower in my hair!). It’s a very nice color! I thought it’d complement the “leaf” aspect, though after making the cowl I see that it’s more diamond than leaf. It’ll make the cowl perfect for spring, especially because it’s so light. I can see now that smaller needles would have been necessary to give me the right gauge (I’m typically a loose knitter) but cowls are pretty much gauge-independent. The pattern might look better if it were less loose, but the size is just as good as is. It used almost the whole skein, so I’m happy with my stash busting efforts.


What’s next for me:  I still have a few other stash-busting projects to do. Mostly cowls, of course! But I’ve been thinking fall soon, particularly Halloween, so I’m sort of in the market for a new pattern. I found a super cute pumpkin hat, and it’s totally my style.

pumpkin hat

What do you think? Perfectly themed for the holiday season, without being cheesey! I’ll see if I decide to splurge on a little special yarn!