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Candy Corn Throw

Happy Halloween, everyone!! Just in time for Halloween and the upcoming Thanksgiving season, I have finished my Candy Corn Throw!

candy corn throw couch candy corn throw flat

candy corn throw motif

The Pattern: I was just checking the million emails I get each day when I saw this free pattern from Red Heart and went nuts! I knew I had to make it!! The throw called for 72 motifs, arranged 9 by 8. I made all 72 motifs (with an extra row of charcoal edging on each than was called for) and when I laid them out to see, I decided that would give me an almost square blanket. I modified it, making a 7 by 10 blanket, using almost all the motifs. I left long ends on each of the motifs to use for joining, and it made sewing a lot less dreadful. After I had joined all the candy corns, I saw that my blanket was too long. Probably should have stuck with the 8 by 9!! I added some rows of double crochet in the candy corn colors along the long sides to fill it out more. I originally tried to make these rows create a flat edge, but I couldn’t get it right. I went with the chevron border instead and it looks nice. I added one round of single crochet around the whole thing in charcoal to neaten it up and I’m FINALLY DONE. The pattern is good; I’d recommend following it better! My choice to leave long ends for joining was definitely a good one. I’d also suggest making the edging of each corn in a larger hook. My single crochets are tighter than my doubles so the corns sort of puff up. My mom seems to think this makes a cool, 3-D look, but I wish it were flatter.

The Yarn: I used the suggested yarns, Red Heart Super Saver in bright yellow, pumpkin, soft white, and charcoal. They did well for this project and they make the blanket easy to clean, which is important because I plan on using it more as a piece for the living room couch. It will smell like dogs within a week!

What’s next for me: Christmas is less than 8 weeks away!! Ahh! I have been laboring intensely over a beret for my sister and I’ve already bought yarn for socks for my mom and a hat for my boyfriend. And I want more!! Ahh!!


Pumpkin Hat

I recently finished my Pumpkin Hat and I feel so festive! Now I have the perfect “costume” that lets me show some spirit without being over the top.

pumpkin hat back


pumpkin hat flat

pumpkin hat front pumpkin hat side


The Pattern: I found this pattern while poking around Ravelry. As soon as I saw it, I knew I just had to make it! I love making hats, so it seemed like the perfect fall project for me. The pattern is pretty decent. It doesn’t mention a gauge, so my hat turned out very small. I added three extra increase rows and modified the band so that it would fit me well. Because of this, I used a lot more yarn than it called for (I’d probably have made the fingerless gloves if I’d had enough). A bigger hook size would have done the trick (I used the suggested hook size, F) but I didn’t have it in me to start all over. The hat is well constructed to give it a bulging, pumpkin-y shape, which is just too perfect. I’d recommend using linked stitches at the start and end of each round to give it a more seamless look. Instead, as an afterthought, I just left a long tail and sewed up the gap created by the turning chains. It definitely helped!

The Yarn: The pattern called for DK weight yarn, which I had trouble finding in just the right color (after making the hat, I feel I could have easily substituted worsted weight without a hitch). I took advantage of the glorious internet to find the right yarn. I ordered two skeins of Cascade Superwash Sport in Pumpkin from Amazon and was pleased with what I got. I’ve never used this yarn before, and I’m not gullible to read “soft” in the product description and assume it’s true. But the yarn is, in fact, rather soft. I definitely enjoyed using it. The color is also perfect (I definitely took a bit of a chance by assuming “pumpkin” actually looks like pumpkin! But it did!) for this project, just what I was looking for. I used a bit of scrap Caron Simply Soft in some sort of dark green (that I had left over from my Christmas Scarf) to make the little leaf, which was easy enough.


What’s next for me: I’m getting dangerously close to finishing my Candy Corn Throw! I pretty much just need to assemble it, but I’m sort of dreading that because I worry it won’t be the size that I want. That could add an extra week of work for me 😦 …. After I’ve gotten my fall projects crossed off my list, I’m ready to start Christmas gifts. I’ve got all my patterns picked out, so yarn/needles are next to be crossed off my list. Very exciting and stressful at the same time!!