Stylist’s Beret

After over two months of slaving over this project, my Stylist’s Beret is finished! This is going to be a gift for my sister (who is a stylist) for Christmas. Oh I hope she loves it!

stylist beret flat topstylist beret flat bottom

The Pattern: I’m actually quite impressed by my construction! All I used for this hat was this doily pattern. I didn’t exactly work magic with it, but by making the doily to my desired hat diameter and then modifying the doily pattern to decrease and work back inwards until my desired head diameter with a few rows of ribbing, I was able to make a hat! I had nearly finished the hat after a month but then decided it was too small. So I frogged back to doily pattern and added more increases for a bigger hat. I wanted it to be perfect! I thought it was just the right size, but now that it’s complete, I think I made it too big. The diameter of the hat is 11.5″ and I was aiming for more like 10″, but probably got carried away because it was my second attempt. Better than too small, I hope! I just hope she’ll wear it!!

The Yarn: I used Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread in Black (as a stylist, she has to wear black). I wanted a very thin hat that could be for all seasons, so I opted for the thinnest yarn I had on hand (I had originally bought it to make something else, which never happened haha). I used size one needles (though now that I can see that the hat does not drape well, I’d have been wise to used something a bit larger). The small yarn and small needles meant that this hat took me FOREVER. Almost two months! I worked on it nearly every day! It’s like making a full size blanket on miniature scale! It has about 125 rounds! I put a lot of love into this hat. It’s too bad I’m not 100% satisfied with it 😦


What’s next for me: Because this hat took me so damn long, all the gifts I had aspired to make for Christmas never happened. Bummer! I’ve begun to make Cornstalk Socks for my mother and I’m hoping that I can finish those in time. If not… Mother’s Day anyone?


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