Cornstalk Socks

With 6 days left until Christmas, I finished the pair of Cornstalk Socks for my mom!! I love them soooo much! I know she will too!

cornstalk socks flat cornstalk socks on me cornstalk socks stitch pattern


The Pattern: I got this pattern from my 2013 Knitting Calendar. What a find, right?! The stitch pattern is so perfect for my mother. I decided to make medium for my mother and upon making a gauge swatch I went with size 0 needles. At least I think so. I bought the Susan Bates sock needles set because I knew I probably would need different needles after checking my gauge than what the pattern called for (I think they call for size 1). The problem with the Susan Bates needle set is that, though each size is color coordinated, no where does it say which color needle is which size. My Susan Bates gauge checker tells me that they’re 0, so we’ll go with that! I really would recommend this pattern. The socks are toe up and really straightforward. I’d definitely use this pattern again if I wanted to make any type of sock (you could easily just replace the cornstalk stitch pattern with stockinette or anything else). They fit really wonderfully (I hope they fit my mom just as well as they fit me!), though I did modify that a bit. I got carried away while working the length of the foot and didn’t stop when I was supposed to, so I increased faster along the gusset so the sock wasn’t too long. I assume that the pattern unmodified is just as great. My only concern with this pattern is that the heel flap is ONLY given for size small. I didn’t realize until I had already begun to knit it and realized something was wrong. I was able to fix it really well, but I wish I hadn’t had to! The instructions for the picot cuff confused me, and though I tried my best to do what they said, it’s clear that my cuff doesn’t match the pictures. Oh well! I have absolutely no problem with my cuff. Overall, I am really happy with this pattern and would recommend it highly.

The Yarn: I used Patons Kroy Socks in Flax. I bought three skeins and used less than one for each sock. I wonder what I’ll make with the remaining yarn! I reallyyyy enjoyed working with this yarn. It has nice texture and color. I had originally wanted to get some sort of orange/yellow color that would look liked cornstalks in the fall, but most of the sock yarns at Michael’s are colorful. This was the best solid color they had! I’m definitely okay with this color though. It’s nice and mild and really appropriate for socks. I’m very happy with this yarn.


What’s next for me: So this means I’m DONE with my Christmas Knitting! Thank goodness! I have a few things stash-busting projects still on my list that I’d like to tackle (a cowl and some legwarmers). However, I did ask for a few knitting/crochet books for Christmas, so who knows what’ll get swept away with next!!


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