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Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts

Before the start of the spring semester, I have finished my Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts!

fair isle fingerless mitts on fair isle fingerless mitts flat

The Pattern: For Christmas, I got the book Cozy Knits. I saw these mitts even before I asked for the book and thought they looked super adorable! I’ve never made fingerless mittens before, but I had no problem with this pattern. It was really very simple and worked up amazingly quickly. It only took me 9 days for both! I had fun knitting them, too. The fair isle pattern really kept me entertained while being just as relaxing as the ribbing. I’d definitely recommend this pattern! I followed the directions as written, but I used size 1 needles in place of the recommended size 3, and I used size 2 instead of the suggested size 5 (I’m a very loose knitter!).

The Yarn: I wanted to keep the color scheme (it’s so wintery and perfect!) but wanted more affordable yarn. I swapped the suggested yarn for Red Heart With Love in Aran, Bluebell, Holly Berry, and Clover. I really love this yarn! It’s definitely softer than the Red Heart Super Saver that I’m used to working with. Often times, I find softer yarns to be slippery or easily split, but I had no such problems with this yarn. I’d definitely recommend using this one! Since this pattern used barely any yarn from each skein, I’m excited to work with the leftovers again.


What’s next for me: I wanted to make a sweater I saw in Cozy Knits, but the yarn I purchased for it just isn’t bulky enough. I’m making my Rosebud Sweater using a nice turtleneck pattern that I found on Ravelry instead! That should keep me plentyyyy busy for a while!



I just finished a pair of legwarmers! I’ll definitely have to borrow a pair of cute boots from my sister to wear them with…

legwarmers with shoeslegwarmers with boots

The Pattern: This comes from an extremely easy pattern by Jane Richmond. Because it’s just ribbing, it was the perfect project to fiddle over while just watching TV and such. Extremely easy and quick! I stuck to the pattern, but I used size 6 double pointed needles instead.

The Yarn: I used Red Heart Super Saver in Buff. This was definitely a good project to use up some of this yarn. I had nearly a full skein and it used a good bit up, definitely more than half the skein. The washibility and thickness of the yarn is definitely desirable for something like this.

What’s next for me: I’ve just barely started on some fingerless mitts that I want to have finished while it’s still winter. I also have a sweater I’d like to make before summer gets here… Haha I think I’ve got plenty of time!


For Christmas, I asked for AmiguruME by Allison Hoffman, which is a book about crocheting people. Most of the dolls in the book are likenesses of celebrities, but I wanted to make myself. When I got the book (and screamed with joy), I got right to work making the perfect little me!! And here she is!

amigurume closeup together amigurume comparison amigurume doll face amigurume holding doll

The Pattern: I read AmiguruME cover to cover, and used nearly every bit of it to construct my doll. Specifically, I used the written crochet patterns for the Long and Narrow Female Head, Curvy Top with Shirttail (though I modified the Curvy Top by adding elements of the Basic Top), Windbreaker, Skinny Pants, Hi-tops, and Surface Curls. The knit hat she is wearing is just a basic beanie (made with size 3 double-pointed needles, casting on 48 stitches, and decreasing by 6 at the crown). I used a great number of techniques found in the book; With Allison Hoffman’s tips, I was able to lace the shoes, make the arms poseable, keep the head from drooping, personalize the hair, and create a custom face. My favorite parts about my doll are her lips (because I used my own lip stain to perfect the color) and her piercings. As you can tell, the book was a complete treasure. If you think my doll resembles me as much as I do, then you surely understand how helpful AmiguruME was in making my custom doll. I would definitely recommend this book to just about anyone. I had a ton of fun and am just brimming with pride over my likeness. I expect to use this book again, as I anticipate making other friends and family in amigurumi form.


The Yarn: I used a lot of different yarns for this project! I really went all out. I wanted everything to be perfect so I spared no expense when it came to acquiring the right colors (thank goodness I got a Joann’s gift card for Christmas too…) Here are all the yarns I used: Cascade 220 in Salmon for the skin tone, Red Heart Super Saver in Bright Yellow for the shirt and hat, Patons Silk Bamboo in Coal for the windbreaker, Sugar n’ Cream in Indigo for the pants, Red Heart Soft in Gray Heather for the shoes, Caron Simply Soft in white for the soles of the shoes, Vanna’s Choice in Duckie for the blond in the hair, Patons Classic Wool in Plum Heather for the dyed parts of the hair, Vanna’s Choice in Chocolate for the eyebrows, and Caron Simply Soft in Victorian Rose for the lips. Yes, I got a lot of yarn for this!! And yes, I did buy entire skeins of yarn for the eyebrows and lips. I had to get them right! Of course, the doll requires very little of each yarn, and a few of the yarns I used were yarns I already had on hand. I used the suggested size E hook for all of them.



What’s next for me: I got other knitting books for Christmas too! I’ve already bought the yarn to make a sweater and some fingerless mitts from Cozy Knits. I’ll start those as soon as I finish my WIP legwarmers!