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Denim Hat

I just finished my Denim Hat and I LOVE it!!

denim hat medenim hat flat

The Pattern: I found this pattern buried deep within my favorites on Ravelry. It’s called Spring Beret and it’s an excellent pattern. It’s really very simple but it doesn’t look like it is, which I love. The stitch pattern was easy to memorize, and I love how the pattern is written for two different styles (I made the less-slouchy version). I am a loose knitter, so I knit the whole hat in size 6 needles. I didn’t switch to larger needles after the ribbing, but I think it would look nice either way. I highly recommend this pattern to anyone looking to make something quick, cute, and easy. It’d make an excellent hat for a gift.

The Yarn: I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in Indigo. I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of Sugar ‘n Cream, and every time that I’ve used it in a hat I end up loving it to death. I had nearly a whole skein of it left from my AmiguruME doll’s pants and I didn’t even use it all (even though it’s such a small skein!). It was totally the PERFECT yarn for this pattern. I looks amazing and it feels great. They’re totally the perfect match!! After making this hat, I want to run out and buy Sugar ‘n Cream in every amazing color and make this hat a thousand times!


What’s next for me: This project was sort of a sanity-break from my Rosebud Sweater. I’ve been working on that thing since January, and when I close my eyes all I see is that color and that stitch. It’s going to drive me mad! I’ve made great progress (though I tend to avoid doing work on it) but it’s just such a big project. I needed something to give me the rush of completing a project, so this was perfect. But alas, it’s back to the sweater for me!