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Acyrlonitrile Hat

I have been taking forever to finish my projects. Senior year, right? (Though the real culprit is probably Netflix…)

So, finally, I have finished my Acrylonitrile Hat, which proudly displays the chemical structure of polyacrylonitrile. What is polyacrylonitrile, you ask? It’s what acrylic yarn is made out of! I bet you’ll never guess what this hat is made out of!!

acrylic hat meacrylic hat flat

Hilarious, right? Dorky, no less. This hat combines my love of chemistry with my love of yarn. And I’m pretty pleased with myself about it šŸ™‚

The Pattern: I didn’t really use a pattern for this hat. Using size 7 needles, I worked the ribbing just like I did for my Denim Hat, but then stuck to regular stockinette stich. Ā I embroidered the structure on using duplicate stitch. I’ve never done duplicate stitch before, so it was very fun to learn and to use.

acrylonitrile chart

The Yarn: I used Caron Simply Soft in white and black, which I had lying around. I wanted to be sure to use a yarn that was 100% acrylic, to keep consistent with theĀ theme of the hat. I really like this yarn. It has a very smooth, soft quality to it, as well as a lustrous appearance.Ā It’s never rough or stiff, which means I always get great results.

What’s next for me: I’ve been slacking, as you can see by the fact that I’ve only completedĀ 6 projects in 2014 (compared to the 30+ that I did last year!). I’d love to get myself back on the knit-and-crochet bandwagon, if you will, so I’m looking to do some small, fun projects to help keep me motivated. Also, I haven’t crocheted sinceĀ January. So I’m going to start with an amigurmi monkey šŸ™‚