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Jenny’s Gray Mittens

I just finished making Jenny’s Gray Mittens, which I’ll give to my sister Jenny for Christmas.

jennys gray mittens

The Pattern: I used the pattern called “Quite a Handful” my Knit Simple Gifts to Knit in a Weekend. I was looking for a really basic mitten pattern; I just wanted to let the yarn show, so I didn’t want to clutter it with a fancy stitch pattern. I had this little booklet on hand (it has a lot of great little accessories, which are the best things to knit!) so I was pleased to find the perfect pattern. They have the pattern in man, woman, and child sizes for DK, worsted, and bulky yarn (so a total of nine variations!!). I made this one using size 7 needles and the directions for “worsted woman” and I stuck to it pretty closely. It would be easy to modify, so I’d recommend it for anyone needing a launching pad. It was easy to follow and results in a great looking mitten!

The Yarn: My sister made herself a scarf in Vanna’s Choice Charcoal Print when I taught her how to knit (its probably the only thing she ever made lol). She still wears the scarf, so I wanted to use what was left from it to make her matching mittens. She was oogling my Slip Stich Mittens once, so I knew she needed some. I made the cuff in Vanna’s Choice Charcoal because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough of the Charcoal Print. I probably would have had enough, but just barely. I didn’t want to push it!!


What’s next for me: I still haven’t crocheted anything since January. I’m going to make some amigurumi before I go insane.