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Yellow Seed Infinity Scarf

Merry Christmas, everyone! Just in time, I finished the Yellow Seed Infinity Scarf I made for my sister. Since she has a black winter coat, she wanted a scarf that had a little pop of color. And she loves infinity scarves!

yellow seed stitch scarf me yellow seed stitch scarf zoom

The Pattern: The scarf is 32 stitches wide and about 49″ long in circumference (I made it flat and then seemed it into a circle).  The stitch pattern is a modified seed stitch: It’s 1×1 ribbing, shifting every two rows. It was really easy and quick and it’s a great looking stitch. I used size 7 needles.

The Yarn: I used some leftover Red Heart with Love in Daffodil. It’s a great feeling yarn and the color is the perfect yellow! I’d definitely recommend this yarn.

What’s next for me: I still have a half-finished hat from several months ago. I still haven’t crocheted anything since January (its all been knitting for me), and I really want to make an amigurumi monkey. I’m about to move apartments, so it might be a while before I get to those… haha. 🙂