Barrington Baby Set

Today I’m going to a baby shower. One of my coworkers is having her first child (a son) due in June. She recently bought a house in Barrington, Illinois, which is known for being a very wealthy area. So I thought – what do I get for this newborn baby boy who already has everything (like a nine bedroom home!!)? Handmade gifts of course! So I made for him what I like to call my Barrington Baby Set. This is my first baby project, which I consider to be a major milestone for any knitter.

barrington baby bootiesbarrington baby setbarrinton baby set wrapped

The Pattern: I used Little Babbity Baby Set from Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Day Blog. I made the newborn size (on the right) and then I improvised to make a larger “baby” size (on the left). I was worried that the newborn size would be too small, and he would grow out of it so quickly that it wouldn’t get much use. So I decided to make a larger set that he can one day grow into. I think this was a wise choice, since I’m so unfamiliar with baby clothes myself, and the internet seems to be pretty all over the place about what the hat circumference of babies of various ages should be. By making two sizes, I’ve covered all my bases. I modified the pattern in other ways as well – I cut down on the garter portion of the hat, used smaller needles on the booties, and I knit everything in the round. Knitting in the round was a really good idea. I made a practice bootie (in scrap yarn) following the pattern exactly, and my seam was absolutely hideous (sewing is always a mess for me!). It was simple enough to modify, and the results were well worth it. I’d definitely recommend this pattern either way.

The Yarn: I used Bernat Baby Softee in Baby Denim Marl. I think the colorway is great – baby yarns can be too bright sometimes, so the marl effect makes for a much more relaxed color scheme. I had attempted to use a cotton yarn (I read in a magazine that lightweight cotton is good for summer babies) but I didn’t like the feel or look of it. Acrylic is always a good choice! I didn’t even use half the ball. Baby knits are so fast and fun!

What’s next for me: I’m almost done with the blanket I’ve been knitting for my boyfriend since December (I warned him it would take about 6 months!). I’m so excited to complete it!


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