Archive | June 2016

Drop Stitch Cowl

Last week I finished my Drop Stitch Cowl.

The Pattern: This was a free pattern from Red Heart Yarns. It was very simple to follow and easy to memorize; I did the bulk of the work on this cowl on a long car ride! It spent several months on my needles, but only took 10-20 hours to complete. It has great drape, and I think it looks very cute. I would definitely recommend this pattern.

The Yarn: I used leftover Loops and Threads Impeccable in Neapolitan from a leftover project. I had the perfect amount, so it was a great stash-buster! I used size 9 needles.

What’s next for me: At my apartment complex, the big recycling dumpster says “No plastics bags.” So we collect them for weeks/months and then bring them to my mom when we visit, so she can recycle them for us. It’s silly, but I couldn’t imagine throwing them in the trash! So I think my next project is to make something out of plastic bag yarn! I saw this tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me on how to turn plastic bags into “plarn” and I was inspired. I’ll probably make a bag out of it, but I have plenty of time to decide; It will take me a few weeks just to make the yarn!


Cabled Throw

Just in time for my boyfriend’s birthday, I completed the Cabled Throw I’ve been making for him. I started in December, and he has waited patiently for 6 months (even during the months when it was neglected so I could knit other gifts).

The Pattern: This is based off of Cable Comfort / Sutter’s Mill Throw, a free pattern from Lion Brand. I used the pattern described by raveler KonaSF so that I could knit the blanket all in one piece (the original pattern is made in strips and sewn together at the end). I further modified her pattern slightly by making the cables on row 11, 31, 51, 71, etc (I don’t quite understand how KonaSF is doing it, but I think it’s 11, 33, 55, 77+). The pattern is easy to follow/memorize and knitting it all in one piece is fantastic. It’s true that it gets a bit heavy – the plastic connector for my needles popped out halfway, thank goodness for super glue – but you get to snuggle under it while you’re working on it. 😉 My only qualm with this pattern is the lack of symmetry – one side has a garter strip just before the edge and the other side doesn’t. I would definitely want to correct that before making another or recommending the pattern.

The Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky in True Grey. This yarn is amazing. If you need a chunky yarn for a blanket, you have to consider it. It’s got an amazing softness and squishiness – exactly what I want in a chunky yarn. I used 15 balls to make a blanket that’s just under 5×6 feet. I will definitely use this yarn again. I used size 13 circulars and completed 10 cable repeats.

What’s Next for Me: Just before starting this blanket, I started a cowl and barely made a dent in it. So I’ve got to pick that up and get it done. After that, I don’t really know. It’s always a weird feeling to have completed a project that’s been a major focus for so long. Like – Who am I? What is my purpose now??