Drop Stitch Cowl

Last week I finished my Drop Stitch Cowl.

The Pattern: This was a free pattern from Red Heart Yarns. It was very simple to follow and easy to memorize; I did the bulk of the work on this cowl on a long car ride! It spent several months on my needles, but only took 10-20 hours to complete. It has great drape, and I think it looks very cute. I would definitely recommend this pattern.

The Yarn: I used leftover Loops and Threads Impeccable in Neapolitan from a leftover project. I had the perfect amount, so it was a great stash-buster! I used size 9 needles.

What’s next for me: At my apartment complex, the big recycling dumpster says “No plastics bags.” So we collect them for weeks/months and then bring them to my mom when we visit, so she can recycle them for us. It’s silly, but I couldn’t imagine throwing them in the trash! So I think my next project is to make something out of plastic bag yarn! I saw this tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me on how to turn plastic bags into “plarn” and I was inspired. I’ll probably make a bag out of it, but I have plenty of time to decide; It will take me a few weeks just to make the yarn!


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