Road Trip Scarf

I went on a road trip from my home in northern Illinois to the mountains in Colorado this past August. With over 30 hours of driving round trip, and me in the passenger seat the whole time, I made my Road Trip Scarf.

The Pattern: Never-ending Scarf from The Florida Crochet Garden. I made a few changes: I used hook size H and added an extra two clusters to the width to compensate for the smaller hook. I made it longer than suggested, and it came out to be about 66 inches long. The pattern was really easy to learn, memorize, and then churn out mindlessly for a few hours. It probably took me only 6-8 hours to finish this scarf (don’t worry, I had plenty of other things to do on my road trip!). It was almost too easy! But I would highly recommend this pattern for gifting – it looks great and works up very quickly.

The Yarn: I used Lion Brand Amazing in Mesa. I thought the colors looked like the rock formations in the mountains. Its a really nice soft yarn with very pretty colors. The wool blend makes it surprisingly warm. Perhaps I should have picked something else to use when crocheting in August, but I couldn’t pass up on the colors! I used three balls.

What’s next for me: I like to bring a pillow when I go to the movies (they have those super fancy recliners at my local theater), so I am making a movie-theater-popcorn pillow. I’m really just winging the pattern, so it might take me some time to make something I like in the end.


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