Lulu the Pig

Meet Lulu the Pig!

She’s based off of Coco the Cat, a series pattern from Crochet Today! Magazine. Because she is almost identical to the original Coco the Cat, she can fit in all of the series’ outfits, in which Coco is traveling the world!

Here are all the outfits I’ve made for Lulu the Pig…


Click the name of an outfit to find out more about it!

Lulu in Paris

Lulu in Holland

Lulu in London

Lulu in Russia

lulu russia standing

Lulu in Venice

lulu venice

Lulu in Tokyo

lulu tokyo with obi

Lulu in Madrid

lulu in madrid

Lulu in Hawaii

lulu in hawaii


25 responses to “Lulu the Pig”

  1. Amiguruthi says :

    Ha this is so cute! I love the little bags for each outfit 🙂

  2. barb says :

    hi i am doing this and i would like to know if you used a size 4mm hook. i did the gauge and came out with 5mm hook and the body looks off a lot lol. help thanks…

    • coricutecore says :

      Yes I used the recommended size (G/6, 4mm) hook, but I remember making some modifications to the body to try to get it to look more like the picture. I don’t remember what I did to it, but it was quick enough to frog and tweak repeatedly.

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