Easter Duck

Happy Easter!! Last year, I made this Easter Duck (and may have forgotten to post about it…)

easter duck.jpg

The Pattern: This is Lil Quack from the book Zoomigurumi in more traditional ducky colors. A really quick, conventional amigurumi pattern. Perfect!

The Yarn: Stashbusting is my favorite!! I used Lily Sugar’n Cream in Tangerine for the beak and feet, and for the body I used Vanna’s Choice in Duckie (how perfect!).

What’s Next for Me: I just finished a pillow for a friend, so expect a post soon!!


Granny Star Blanket

I made a Granny Star Blanket to add a touch of crochet to my apartment and to use up some yarn.

granny star blanket

The Pattern: Granny Star Blanket by Lulu Loves Crochet. The pattern is all British-y, so heads up! As you can tell, I made mine using different colored yarns. I did the first round in white (it helps the first bit of pink not look like a big blob!). After that, I changed colors every three rounds, which is consistent with the pattern repeats. I finished with a double crochet round and a single crochet round both in white to give it a clean finish. It was a straight-forward pattern and it was easy to get in the groove of it.

The Yarn: This was definitely a stashbusting project. I used up quite a bit! (And we can ignore the fact that I bought a new purple and a new pink so that I had the exact scheme I wanted… leaving me with new, unused yarn…) A lot of the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver or Red Heart With Love. Some of it is a mystery.

What’s Next for Me: I’ve been working diligently on a blanket for my boyfriend and a pillow for my BFF. Those should keep me busy for a few months!


After knitting like a banshee for 4 days, I finished my Scarfie, which was a gift for my dear friend.

scarfie on chairscarfie flat

The Pattern: One ball knit scarfie, available for free from Lion Brand, specifically for this yarn. It’s a very simple scarf pattern that requires no more than a quick skim to master.

The Yarn: Scarfie in Forest/Black by Lion Brand. It’s listed as a bulky yarn, but feels very thin in my hands. It’s very soft, and feels pretty luxurious. I really love the ombre effects – it’s absolutely perfect for a scarf. I’d definitely recommend this yarn/pattern combo, especially as a gift. I got my yarn from Amazon for $7.49 (one skein makes a scarf!).

What’s next for me: Another friend has a birthday coming up in February, and she requested a pillow for her new apartment. Hope I finish in time!!

Navajo Hat

FINALLY. I finished my Navajo Hat! I was literally working on this hat for a year and a half!!

navajo hat sidenavajo hat backnavajo hat flat

The Pattern: This is what took me so long. I found the yarn first, which isn’t how I usually do things. At first, I tried to make my own lacy pattern, based on this Spring Beret pattern so I had a reasonable idea for stitch count. Long story short, I didn’t like anything I came up with. So that translates not only to a few froggings, but also some lost interest. Usually I’d go, “Well, I don’t think I like it… I’ll just let it sit for a few weeks and maybe I’ll change my mind!” I ended up using this pre-written pattern for a Lace Tam (I had to frog it again to readjust the sizing, but who’s keeping score). I feel pretty “meh” about the pattern; it’s not really ideal for this yarn (it’s written for a much thinner yarn, where I can imagine the holes would be the perfect size), and I basically hate the crown shaping. But all in all, this hat was a complete journey and I’m just happy to be at the finish line.

The Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Our Heritage. I fell in love with the colors, and I’ve enjoyed using Caron Simple Soft before.  Though I like this yarn, I’ve learned my lesson: I won’t be buying yarn without a pattern in mind again.

What’s Next for Me: I’m still trucking away at my Granny Star Blanket. It’s a bigger project, so I have a much better excuse for taking so long. But I must admit, I really can’t find as much time for knitting/crocheting (as well as other hobbies) as I used to. That being said, I’m hoping to find a nice small project so I can have a few more finished-object victories this year. Maybe this Drop Stitch Cowl to eat up some more yarn?

Yellow Seed Infinity Scarf

Merry Christmas, everyone! Just in time, I finished the Yellow Seed Infinity Scarf I made for my sister. Since she has a black winter coat, she wanted a scarf that had a little pop of color. And she loves infinity scarves!

yellow seed stitch scarf me yellow seed stitch scarf zoom

The Pattern: The scarf is 32 stitches wide and about 49″ long in circumference (I made it flat and then seemed it into a circle).  The stitch pattern is a modified seed stitch: It’s 1×1 ribbing, shifting every two rows. It was really easy and quick and it’s a great looking stitch. I used size 7 needles.

The Yarn: I used some leftover Red Heart with Love in Daffodil. It’s a great feeling yarn and the color is the perfect yellow! I’d definitely recommend this yarn.

What’s next for me: I still have a half-finished hat from several months ago. I still haven’t crocheted anything since January (its all been knitting for me), and I really want to make an amigurumi monkey. I’m about to move apartments, so it might be a while before I get to those… haha. 🙂

Jenny’s Gray Mittens

I just finished making Jenny’s Gray Mittens, which I’ll give to my sister Jenny for Christmas.

jennys gray mittens

The Pattern: I used the pattern called “Quite a Handful” my Knit Simple Gifts to Knit in a Weekend. I was looking for a really basic mitten pattern; I just wanted to let the yarn show, so I didn’t want to clutter it with a fancy stitch pattern. I had this little booklet on hand (it has a lot of great little accessories, which are the best things to knit!) so I was pleased to find the perfect pattern. They have the pattern in man, woman, and child sizes for DK, worsted, and bulky yarn (so a total of nine variations!!). I made this one using size 7 needles and the directions for “worsted woman” and I stuck to it pretty closely. It would be easy to modify, so I’d recommend it for anyone needing a launching pad. It was easy to follow and results in a great looking mitten!

The Yarn: My sister made herself a scarf in Vanna’s Choice Charcoal Print when I taught her how to knit (its probably the only thing she ever made lol). She still wears the scarf, so I wanted to use what was left from it to make her matching mittens. She was oogling my Slip Stich Mittens once, so I knew she needed some. I made the cuff in Vanna’s Choice Charcoal because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough of the Charcoal Print. I probably would have had enough, but just barely. I didn’t want to push it!!


What’s next for me: I still haven’t crocheted anything since January. I’m going to make some amigurumi before I go insane.

Acyrlonitrile Hat

I have been taking forever to finish my projects. Senior year, right? (Though the real culprit is probably Netflix…)

So, finally, I have finished my Acrylonitrile Hat, which proudly displays the chemical structure of polyacrylonitrile. What is polyacrylonitrile, you ask? It’s what acrylic yarn is made out of! I bet you’ll never guess what this hat is made out of!!

acrylic hat meacrylic hat flat

Hilarious, right? Dorky, no less. This hat combines my love of chemistry with my love of yarn. And I’m pretty pleased with myself about it 🙂

The Pattern: I didn’t really use a pattern for this hat. Using size 7 needles, I worked the ribbing just like I did for my Denim Hat, but then stuck to regular stockinette stich.  I embroidered the structure on using duplicate stitch. I’ve never done duplicate stitch before, so it was very fun to learn and to use.

acrylonitrile chart

The Yarn: I used Caron Simply Soft in white and black, which I had lying around. I wanted to be sure to use a yarn that was 100% acrylic, to keep consistent with the theme of the hat. I really like this yarn. It has a very smooth, soft quality to it, as well as a lustrous appearance. It’s never rough or stiff, which means I always get great results.

What’s next for me: I’ve been slacking, as you can see by the fact that I’ve only completed 6 projects in 2014 (compared to the 30+ that I did last year!). I’d love to get myself back on the knit-and-crochet bandwagon, if you will, so I’m looking to do some small, fun projects to help keep me motivated. Also, I haven’t crocheted since January. So I’m going to start with an amigurmi monkey 🙂